We have helped our partners turn ideas into usable systems; grow their own mixed-reality development competencies; and have formed longer engagements, building out whole product lines that bring their tech to new mediums. Some of the standout services we can offer are below.

HoloLens 2 Application Development

We undertake bespoke application development leveraging our many years of MR experience and proprietary tech platform to deliver professional grade finish products, to both budget and time constraints. Our breadth of experience includes both one-off R&D applications and full enterprise-scale deployments.

Design and Engineering Solutions

The huge datasets and parametric nature of industrial and architectural design lend themselves poorly to realtime 3D visualisation. We have extensive experience and a mature toolchain for working with a range of formats from the worlds of AEC, Product Design and GIS that allows us to create compelling experiences and applications with this data on HoloLens, as well as virtual reality and more traditional platforms.

Impactful Multi-User Holographic Experiences

Our technical platform allows us to quickly build bespoke multi-user experiences that allow several users to collaboratively view and interact with beautiful 3D content. These applications have been used by several clients to showcase products and brands, visualise data or to quickly explore mixed reality as a new interface platform. These systems are often combined with tablet or large touchscreen interfaces to widen the experience in conference or showroom scenarios.

Digital Twin Interfaces

Digital Twin visualisation interfaces are one of our core competencies. Driven by digitisation of design and the massive growth of realtime IoT data, the Digital Twin concept is transforming several industries. While data platforms have matured, interfaces for these platforms which are compelling and efficient are still a complex undertaking requiring specialist skillsets. We have a mature core platform for quickly creating stunning digital twin interfaces both in Mixed Reality and on traditional PC and mobile interfaces.
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