We make XR easy for you. From understanding how immersive technology can drive efficiency in your business to offering turn-key access to cloud-streamed visualisation, we help guide you through each step of adopting the latest immersive technology.


Out of the box, JoinXR is easy to use. Flexible SaaS and Enterprise licensing gives you plug-and-play access to XR, getting headsets off the shelves and in active use from day one. This provides you an immersive space for collaborative meetings as well as cutting-edge remote rendering to display almost any 3D data, allowing you to structure your own content for collaboration, training and simulation.


If you need award winning immersive content and experiences, or just help creating content at volume, we also offer a full ‘agency’ service. While JoinXR is a no-code solution that will ingest and display your own 3D data, we have a team of expert developers, technical artists and designers at hand to rapidly build custom-made multi-user experiences and training simulations for you to use in JoinXR.


We’ve been pioneering XR since 2016 and have seen rapid advancement in this technology. JoinXR is hardware agnostic, allowing us to offer impartial advice on your business’ adoption of immersive technology, at both strategic and practical levels - from hardware acquisition to pipelining CAD to finding business value and solving real problems.


We offer end-to-end support for the implementation of immersive technology into your business systems and the integration of JoinXR. JoinXR has detailed support documentation, and we pride ourselves with our extremely rapid response to support tickets. We provide full online and in person onboarding, adoption and training packages tailored for organisations of all sizes. Details of our SLA is available on request.