The platform

The enterprise XR Remote Meeting platform, for Hololens 2. Powered by Azure Remote Rendering, designed for collaborating with both people and 3D data, JoinXR lets you create rich presentations and share them in realtime.

  • Instantly meet colleagues and clients from around the world in realtime holographic meetings.
  • JoinXR renders your native CAD and BIM data formats directly using the latest cloud streaming technology.
  • No costly preparation or optimisation process, no loss of fidelity.
  • Create your own rich presentations, mixing documents, images and video alongside 3D design data.

Key Features

JoinXR offers everything you would expect from a meeting platform:

• Photoreal avatars,
• Spatially correct voice chat,
• Intuitive gestural interface,
• Meeting management and role based access tools.

Join XR differentiates itself by offering:

• Cloud rendering of enterprise 3d data (‘infinite power’ and no costly preparation of data)
• A structured UX paradigm, think ‘powerpoint in 3d’
• Wide range of supported data formats

This allows you to:

• Collaborate closely with colleagues no matter their location.
• Deliver impactful presentations.
• Rapidly share knowledge.

With these Benefits:

• Reduce cognitive load and improve comprehension of complex 3Ddata.
• Rapidly communicate complex scenarios with precision to globally distributed teams.
• Maintain stronger bonds between teams working remotely whilst saving travel time, budget and reducing carbon footprint.
• Save time and money by easily creating and managing your own immersive content.

Book a Demo

We are currently in Private Beta however we are offering remote demos of the platform. Please get in touch if you would like to book a session.