To remove bottlenecks in the Urban Planning Process, reduce the ‘design, present, review, iterate, approve’ cycle from months down to hours.

Solution and approach

Fracture have worked closely with the HDB to fully understand their current urban planning pipelines as applicable to large scale developments. Working closely with local architects in the UK and with teh HDB in Singapore Fracture designed and implemented a collaborative immersive environment allowing multiple HDB designers and senior stakeholders to visualize, directly manipulate and live edit complex Sketchup master plans in realtime on a combination of VR, HoloLens and HololensV2 headsets.


Fracture have engineered a solution to allow users instant access to the Singapore Land Authority’s datasets thus providing intuitive display of complex satellite, topography and urban form. Against this backdrop of geo referenced data, teams can interactively iterate with Live sketchup scenes, manipulated on HoloLens 2 headsets. Tabulation data is recalculated live, for every decision and the results can be saved directly back with the source sketchup scene This project is still Live.